ELTiS is recognized and trusted by high schools across the U.S. as a measure of English proficiency for J1 and F1 students. The test provides evidence of students’ ability to understand and benefit from high school instruction delivered in English. Scores can also be used to place students in instructional programs if they need to develop their proficiency before undertaking content studies in English.

The test measures school-based listening, reading, vocabulary and grammar–the language students need to understand and benefit from instruction in high school classes in the U.S.

The most reliable score from the test is the overall ELTiS proficiency level. The levels range from a low of 1 to a high of 5. Level 1 indicates very little ability to understand spoken or written English independently, whereas Levels 4 and 5 typically mean that students are able to understand and benefit from high school level instruction in English.

ELTiS also reports scaled scores. ELTiS 2.0 scaled scores range from a low of 500 to a high of 800. Higher values indicate higher performance on the test. A change in the ELTiS scaled score values was made in 2020 when the composition of the test was changed as ELTiS 2.0 was introduced. The scaled score range for the previous version of the ELTiS was 100-300.

Use the ELTiS proficiency scale to guide these decisions. At Level 1, students need short, simplified materials and extensive support through pictures and translations. At Level 2, they need additional practice with simple materials as well as supported work with more extended materials. At Level 3, they need some support and practice with intermediate materials and guided introduction to longer passages, more complex texts, and complex language forms. At Levels 4 and 5, students may need support with increasing precision in understanding details, strategies for connecting, analyzing and summarizing information to interpret messages and make inferences and evaluations, as well as practice with increasing vocabulary range and grammatical accuracy.

Yes. ELTiS is transitioning from its original form to ELTiS 2.0 in 2020. The ELTiS 2.0 scaled scores range from 500 to 800 while the ELTiS 1.0 scores range from 100 to 300. ELTiS 2.0 offers improved measurement and increased test security including formal score reports and online score verification. All paper tests follow the ELTiS 1.0 format, whereas all the online ELTiS tests administered after January 2020 are based on the newer test and use the new score reporting scale. The ELTiS proficiency levels can be used as a bridge to interpret scores from both tests while the transition from the original ELTiS to ELTiS 2.0 is completed.

ELTiS is accepted where CSIET-certified organizations send students.

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